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  • Hannah Ryu

    Hannah Ryu

    Co-founder: oaktheory.co + southpawstitches.com | IG: @hannah.ryu

  • Sicheng Weng

    Sicheng Weng

    Product Designer. NYC based.

  • Rechelle Abalos

    Rechelle Abalos

    I’m a Brooklyn-based UX/UI Designer in love with improving our experiences focused on food, technology, and other human beings.

  • Jorge Agredo

    Jorge Agredo

    Product Designer + UX Designer; In pursuit of knowledge to help the greater good. Visit my portfolio and say HI www.jamdesigner.com

  • leanne black

    leanne black

  • Miro Kirov

    Miro Kirov

    Lead UX Designer. Ex @atlassian @softserveinc @despark . Jury Member @cssdesignawards @HorizonAwards @vegaawards . Design thinker. Dad.

  • Jackie Simon

    Jackie Simon

    A person in dialog with her surroundings as a designer, educator, traveler, and visual/sound artist.

  • SF Ali

    SF Ali

    Medium's resident cheerleader.

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